Provides dogs with instruction, develops pool skills, and teaches etiquette.

30 minutes

Learn to Swim sessions introduce dogs of all ages to the joys of water. An instructor is in the pool with your pup helping to develop confidence with the stairs and proper swimming form. We provide life vests for dogs that need them as they develop their swimming skills. The instructor will assist your pup in gaining confidence in the water while having fun retrieving toys.  Most dogs will become independent in one to three sessions.


Pool where calm dogs, puppies, older dogs can exercise and relax at the same time.

30 minutes

Group swims in the calm pool are for dogs who want to swim, have fun and exercise. Perfect for pooches that are comfortable in the water and enjoy playing with fellow water buddies. An instructor is in the water to supervise and play with your pup, including fetching toys. Jumping into the pool is not allowed so dogs can enjoy a relaxing swim. 

ACTIVE DOGS (Jumping & Crazy Pool!)

Pool where active dogs can expend all their energy competitively swimming, jumping and retrieving.

30 minutes

Group swims in the jumping/crazy pool are for dogs that just cannot get enough of the water experience. An instructor will supervise and play with the dogs. Toy fetching becomes competitive, as does splashing and jumping.  This environment is perfect for the competitive dog that wants to show off their skills in the water, and enjoy playing and horsing around with fellow water buddies.